This week in images


Crickets inside little cages made of bamboo.


Temporary exhibit infront of Shanghai opera – lantern warriors that light up at night


The source of the bell ringing in Shanghai: ‘Recycle tricycle’ – When you hear the bell ringing, bring out your recyclables for collection.


Some ingredients for Chinese medicinal tea

Shanghighs‘:  Cicadas started singing this week, A  bbq/4thJuly/40th birthday party with a lovely bunch of expatriates – inclusive of trampoline for the kids!,   Ayi (baby-sitter) cooking-up some wonderful dishes (she is multitalented)

We may have found somewhere to live; finally I realized that being close to greenery was essential and opted for an apartment in a complex with a ‘large’ garden and even a swimming pool – it is not really central but I finally accepted that it was impossible to have everything.  Now we just have to wait for the landlord to sign the contract.

‘Shanglows‘: Construction work everywhere, some of which starts at night;  having our offers on a few properties refused (competition is tough and prices are high).


Shen Jian – buns filled with pork which are then steamed and then pan-fried


Fried lotus root – the children adored this.  We found it in  a very cool restaurant called ‘Vegetarian Life-style’ which served-up a wide array of interesting dishes


3 comments on “This week in images

  1. Rebecca says:

    Yay!! A place to call home for the next few years. That must be a relief!

  2. Kedsunee says:

    Vous nous manquez! Bon courage à vous 4!

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