It’s hot!

This past week or so we’ve been sweating profusely (at least when out of the air-conditioned hotel apartment).  Whilst uncomfortable I actually prefer the heat to the cold and the kids love any excuse to enjoy an ice-cold drink or a rare ‘bingjilig’ (ice cream) – which incidentally is one Chinese word that they do seem capable of remembering.  I’ve been surprised by the popularity of dairy products here.  It seems that the modern Chinese generation are happily adopting many aspects of the western-diet……….we’ll see where this leads over the coming years ………

Practically all of the expatriates that I’ve met here (and quite a large number of the locals) avoid products made from milk sourced from China due to a number of health scares in the past.  I was wondering how much of such concerns were based on facts or paranoia.  Unfortunately I have heard and read enough stories to be convinced that I need to be more concerned about food quality here than I was in the USA.  Problem being, it will be a full-time job sourcing food from various sources around town.  I hope to find some balance and routine with this shortly.


Current Chinese government dietary guidelines which include dairy

Despite the heat we headed 2 hours south to a city called Suzhou (which is where my husband was working this past week).  It was refreshing to wander along the canals, take a boat trip, visit temples and the beautiful  ‘The Humble Administrator’s Garden’.  The kids loved the pedi-cabs which really were a nice way to visit the city.


We ate  the most delicious red berries/currants?:


And back in Shanghai we visited a small selection of the endless things to do here: aquarium, children’s museum, sculpture park…….


Shanghighs‘:  Receiving messages from you – friends and family from around the globe – which reminds me that I will soon feel a part of a community here in China too.  My son transporting himself around without complaining (thank you Kim for the scooter – it has changed our lives), 

Shanglows‘:  A deep sense of a loss of control: I’ve always liked to feel in control (despite knowing that ultimately it’s wiser to ‘go with the flow’) and here I am struggling with not knowing or understanding everything going on around me.  China is such a different experience and Shanghai is such a large city that it is surely wisest to finally let go of the ‘reign’s, remain receptive to the experiences that present themselves and enjoy the ride.

Shangunusuals‘:  Going out for dinner with some French/Americans and ending up staying the night at their house!

The housing saga has finally come to an end (and there you were thinking it already had!):  we will now be moving into the 2nd and 3rd floors of a recently renovated house which has a shared garden and is in a quiet lane not far from the school and with a reasonable commute to work.  More details to come once we’ve furnished it and moved in…. this coming week-end! ………….


5 comments on “It’s hot!

  1. Delphine says:

    Coucou Jenni,
    On est avec Nico ce soir et on a suivi la journée du 31 juillet presque en direct!!
    Nous aussi il fait très chaud mais pas de problème avec les fromages ou produits laitiers!!
    Nico est tout bronzé et tout beau, comme d’habitude me souffle-t-il.
    Il en profite pour s’excuser de ne pas avoir pris le temps de vous répondre….
    Bisous et bonne soirée
    Delphine, Arnaud, Nico

  2. John HESS says:

    Well, just read all your posts. This blog is a great idea, I’m keeping it in my Favorites. . . . If the Shanghaiers really are adopting the Western diet, then god help them. Adding that to the pollution and the smoking . . . At least that will make for plenty of work for nutritionists like you !
    Love to all the Reid – Nobirons xxJohn

  3. Anne says:

    Dearest Jenni
    Miss you and our chats 😡
    but seriously… I’ve heard all this before! blah blah blah, no decent bread in Japan, blah blah, can’t read any labels, blah, bureaucracy in France, blah blah, weather in UK, blah blah, bad food choices, blah blah, no access to Vegemite, blah blah, being spied on when juggling in the nude, blah blah, lack of *perfect* housing options EVERYWHERE, blah blah, freaky foods and additives in the US, blah…
    If there were no issues, you would have nothing to write about my dear! Remember to embrace chaos. You have the best traveling/life companions you could ever wish for.
    Love you heaps
    Anne xxx

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