Hangzhou and other stuff.


Tea plantation just out of Hangzhou city


Here the kids are using an apparatus formally used to twist tea leaves in the production of oolong tea.

As mother-in-law is with us, we decided to do a little travel, this time to Hangzhou (3-4hours south of Shanghai and once the capital of China).  My own mother actually lived in this city for a number of years as a young child.

The first thing we did was enjoy the green hills surrounding the city and visited Dragon Well Village (with a water well that we didn’t feel courageous enough to drink from) and the National Tea Museum situated within a tea plantation.  It was really very interesting to learn about the different teas, their production and their medicinal properties.


Crispy cucumber – just the thing on a hot day.


We then headed into town whose big attraction is the beautiful West Lake.  We spent the next day riding  bikes around much of it and visiting some of the attractions including the Yue Fei Temple built in honor of Yue Fei – a general of the Southern Song dynasty – as-well-as stopping for a picnic along the way.



Figs are in season! There has definitely been a change in temperature this last week. Much less sweat.

‘Shanghighs’:  Eating Cai Rou Hun Tun (pork, shrimp and vegetable wonton soup) – another of my favorite dishes, visiting Gongqing Forest Part (a forest in Shanghai! – not without the annoying amusement-park-style rides tucked into one corner)

‘Shanglows’:  My husband ‘Seb’ working extremely long hours, the children not wanting to speak in French which is upsetting  mother-in-law no end, the neighbors (below us on the 1st floor) complaining about the kids running around the house….. fortunately they are requesting a ‘no run’ policy just in one room of our house and so we’re trying very hard (not always successfully) to please them.

‘Shangunusuals’:  I WAS warned to expect that many things would take longer to do here…. but when I left the house to get a couple of passport photos taken I really didn’t expect it to take 2 hours.


Paddle-boating in Gongqing Park with Manou (French Grandma)


Wondering if this could be a good option for transporting the kids to school?


Me taking a photo of complete strangers taking a photo of the kids. I am still finding this a very strange behavior.


Not happy to walk, but boy can he scoot!


One comment on “Hangzhou and other stuff.

  1. Hazel Reid says:

    well Jenni, as you were in Hanzhou recently , it prompts some ‘distant’ memories.
    You asked for a time line [of sorts]
    Born in Shanghai —– Parents had just returned from England and Australia from what was called a Furlough

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