In the street.

Here is but a small selection of what goes on in the streets in our neighborhood:

You can get a hair cut or some alterations made to your clothing:


You can have your bicycle or scooter repaired or a chicken or duck plucked:


You can have a medical consultation or dry your clothes:


You can prepare vegetables or play a serious game of cards.


In the morning you can watch youtiao being made (pastry which is cut into strips, 2 strips are then pushed together before deep fried)


…which you then dip into warm soy milk.  This is what we (the kids!) tried for breakfast on our way to school this week.


And then following a very heavy rain storm you can either choose to wait for the water to subside or simply take off your shoes and walk through the ankle-deep water….


…which is what he had to do in order to reach our front door one afternoon this week!


‘Shanghighs’:  Antoine riding a pedal bicycle  by himself.

‘Shanglows’: Antoine falling off bicycle….by himself!

‘Shangunusuals’:  Despite such a very *full week I’m feeling a bit ‘blah’.  Might be exhaustion (mainly psychological).

*We met and had play dates with some neighbors who live 109 steps away – according to my daughter – (Lizzie and kids from the UK and then Sandrine and kids from France), I had a 3-hour job interview and subsequently received an offer for part-time employment (speech therapy)…. which I’m comparing to another potential job offer (wellness related) which came out of the ‘Ask A Health Coach’ gathering the other day ……, I finally began Chinese lessons,  I tried my first batch of water kefir using the grains offered to me by a Sth African expat, I successfully completed a test for my nutrition studies, I finally got an MRI done of my knee which has been painful for far too long and hindering my ability to exercise (no diagnosis yet), and then I actually met-up with a number of people who – until this week – I’d only communicated with via the internet….all very nice and interesting.


2 comments on “In the street.

  1. Auna Salomé says:

    Dear Jenni,

    WOW, so much unfolding in your life! So much growth and wisdom pouring in! I loved your previous posts about what you learned from your mother-in-law’s visit, and I loved this one about all the unusual things going on around your home… and of course I am completely impressed by all that you are managing to accomplish… WOW!!!

    I feel that the challenging times are behind you and you are entering a phase of integrating all the lessons as well as expanding in so many directions… Great work! Now, please, make sure to take good care of yourself and especially your body… I trust you will 🙂

    I send you much Love and Blessings! Keep listening to your heart and following your intuition. Your Highest Good is always unfolding, not matter what appearances reveal… All is always well, when we get out mind out of the way 🙂

    Joy and Peace! Salomé

    Auna Salomé

    Multidimensional + Multicultural Visionary Shaman Creator

    *To Visit the I AM Nation:

    * *To Purchase Prints and More: *

    ★I breathe and choose Love, here and now★

  2. Kim says:

    Oh I love this post!! Love all the pics and of the kids wading through the water. Really makes me miss all the the life and adventure there 🙂 Soak it up girl!!! I know you are!!!

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