How much?

IMG_1938 I thought I’d share with you the Chinese currency for those of you who are planning a visit!

Well its called Ren Min Bi/RMB (People’s Money) or CNY or ‘yuan’ or ‘kuai’  Currently $1US is equivalent to about 6 rmb

1 Yuan (which exists in both note and coin form) = 10 jiao which is also known as ‘mao’ – just to confuse things.

1 Jiao = 10 fen (but there are no actual ‘fen’ coins in circulation any more).

When shopping for food, rather than price the fruit and vegetables by  1 kg, it’s by 500gm (or ‘Jin’) or by 50gm (‘Liang’) for lighter items such as tea.

Added to the confusion, the local Shangalese  don’t distinguish between the ‘sh’ or ‘s’ sounds when speaking  (so it’s easy to confuse ‘si’ (4) and ‘shi’ (10) – unless of course you can hear the difference between the tones on the vowel sound:  down for ‘4’ and up for ‘ten’).  And so I’m really grateful for the commonly used hand signs for numbers:


…. except of course there are even some variations with these!


This Thursday was Halloween. Our time spent living in the USA gave us appreciation of this celebration – It’s always fun to dress up!


Shanghighs‘: My first experience of acupuncture.  This was fabulous, even after I’d been hooked-up to the power supply!

A pot luck dinner with other students and graduates of the health course that I am taking.

A trip down to the Huangpu River where we rode bikes and came across this fabulous temporary art installation.


Shanglows‘: Realizing that my memory does not appear to be what it used to be, especially when it comes to retaining Mandarin vocabulary!

IMG_2018Shangunusuals‘: Dog with shoes – actually this is not THAT unusual as I’ve seen it a number of times in Shanghai.


One comment on “How much?

  1. johnshess says:

    Dog with shoes. Hmm. I wonder if, back in the Imperial day, they didn’t bind the feet of female dogs, too.

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