Happenings and observations this past week.


There is SO much construction going on in Shanghai and there is usually very little concern for the residents and pedestrians  – here’s an example of our blocked path on our way to school.  The forced eviction of families from prime real estate  has apparently stopped (slowed?) recently but this hasn’t stopped ‘progress’


I decided to visit a bulk food warehouse this week. A labyrinth of noodles, spices and boxes of unrefrigerated butter and cream cheese!


Smoking is still popular here but I actually expected to see more of it. I was surprised to find that women generally don’t smoke.


I also went to a professional kitchen supply warehouse where I purchased a ‘multipurpose swing disintegrator’……….what an earth!?  Can you guess what I’m going to do with it?


When a new shop or restaurant opens it is traditional to decorate the shop-front with huge flower displays and then celebrate with a bang – literally…. with firecrackers .  Firecrackers are also used for weddings and their use is not restricted to week-ends as many couples choose to marry according to the day/date.  Not much happens on the 4th of every month as the number 4 is considered unlucky (as the word for 4 sounds like the word for ‘death’).


Peppers drying on the curbside.

Tis the season for hairy crabs. Not sure if these are actually hairy crabs but I've seen a lot of them about.

Tis the season for hairy crabs. Not sure if these are actually hairy crabs but I’ve seen a lot of them about.


I’ve been trying to take a photo of the pajama fashion for a number of weeks and finally succeeded. It’s not uncommon to see people wandering around in their pajamas.


We visited a very interesting collection of modern art galleries called M50. This was a very cool place to take the kids as the art was very child-friendly.


A local Belgian restaurant was offering classes to kids to draw some of the classic Belgian comic characters – among them TinTin which the kids are really enjoying at the moment.


The proof!

We spent a lovely afternoon at BioFarm - an organic farm where we even got to feed the animals

We spent a lovely afternoon at BioFarm – an organic farm where we even got to feed the animals


The beautiful plane trees which line the streets are slowly losing their leaves – which is lots of fun!

Shanghighs‘: Grace, one of our neighbors stopped me this week and said “It’s your Christmas soon” and handed me a present for the kids that her sister had made (can’t tell you what it is as it is sitting unwrapped under the Christmas tree).  We’ll have to make her something for Chinese New Year.

Shanglows‘: Some Beijing-like air pollution this week… cough cough splutter.

Shangunusuals‘: It’s unusual that I haven’t started wearing MY pajamas in the street – I’ve always thought that dressing up was over-rated.


Another stylish doggie


4 comments on “Happenings and observations this past week.

  1. Anne says:

    I remember the PJ wearing from my time in China!
    It’s a full clothing ensemble – matches too 😉

  2. dreampursuit says:

    I love reading your posts. Have been chatting to Kate about a visit there next year!

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