Back from Seoul – good bye 2013


The hanok (traditional houses) in the Bukchon district of Seoul

Well our mouths dropped open when the temperature was announced as being minus 4 degrees celsius upon our arrival in Seoul airport.  Surprisingly, due to the dry air, it didn’t feel any colder than Shanghai (at between 5 and 10 degrees) and we enjoyed 4 wonderful sunny days exploring the city.


The kids loved the remaining snow that had fallen a few days earlier.


Waiting for the cable car to go to up to Seoul Tower on Mount Namsan


Jeongol – raw ingredients covered in stock which is then cooked before your eyes.


Traditional Korean barbecue with Sebastien’s colleague Sunny and family the 24th of December – this involved wrapping meat in lettuce leaves along with an assortment of seasonings such as sliced garlic, kimchi, white radish, …..


Kimchi seasoning – garlic, ginger, sugar, rice paste, roasted sesame seeds, dried shrimp, chilli powder, fish sauce


Here it is – my very own kimchi! Which involved mixing all of the above seasonings with white radish and spring onions and chives before stuffing into salted cabbage – and then vacuum packing for the trip back home.


The kimchi instructor insisted on dressing the children in traditional clothing (hanbok)


Two very tired bodies in the taxi on the way back to the airport.  They were wide awake upon our arrival home however in order to open their Christmas presents.

The kids enjoyed the incredibly popular local animation especially Pororo the penguin.  South Korea is famous for this type of entertainment.

The city was clean, easy to navigate on the extensive subway system, friendly and delicious.  It was a very enjoyable diversion.  Among other things I managed to try the ginseng and chicken soup, cold buckwheat noodles with beef and nashi pear but there were SOOOO many other dishes that time didn’t allow me to savor.  It was a little sad however to not be enjoying either turkey and salad in Australia or oysters and buche noel in France for Christmas with family and friends.

And so as 2013 comes to an end I am feeling very strong need to review my intentions.  I feel that my feelings and behaviors have frequently diverted from my resolutions this past year and I crave to be more ‘grounded’ in 2014.

Best wishes to all.


3 comments on “Back from Seoul – good bye 2013

  1. Auna Salomé says:

    Merci chere Jenni, for sharing such wonderful photos and stories! The Kimchi makes me salivate! I have been preparing cultured veggies lately and am in love with cabbage in all its forms!

    I want to wish you and your family a delightful new year, full of Love, Joy, Peace and Health, may Blessings abound!

    I am writing a book, about Parenting from the Heart! Excited to finally bring out the goodness 🙂

    Big Hug and Kisses, I always read your postings with great joy!

    Auna Salomé Artist, Alchemist, Author

    ★I Breathe and Choose Love, Here and Now★

    • Oh Salome how I miss you!
      Thank you for your message.
      Yes the fermentation thing is fun – I’m making water and milk kefir too which the kids (well Blanche) loves!
      Things can be tough here. I just had a visit from the neighbors after giving them (what I thought was) a kind note informing them that we are having a birthday party for Blanche for 2 hours on Saturday and that there might be some noise. Well they came and threatened to ‘protest’ (which they have done in the past by banging loudly on our door and asking us to stop running in the living room which is above their living area and bedroom). I’m still shaking – because I became a little hysterical when they requested that 10 6–year olds not use the kitchen and living room during a party. Oh…. and infront of the kids. How horrible.
      Anyway, it’s late and I’m trying to stick to an earlier bed-time…….
      Bonne Annee a toi et la famille.
      Your book sounds fabulous – keep me updated.

  2. johnshess says:

    I’ll be making kimchee this weekend, I’ll invoke your spirit to guide and inspire me ! . . . Quynh and I started Christmas day under the weather in a Saigon hotel room, and finished it taking a long motorbike ride across that now sprawling city, it was the most unChristmassy Christmas I’ve ever had. . . . At least there are lots of Christians in S Korea, to give the holiday a touch of authenticity for you ! . . . A Happy, Happy 2014 to the Reid-Nobirons, and keep up the wonderful posts!

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