Oh my….

Well the first day of the new school, then the second, third, forth and fifth were difficult for the kids (and me!).  Oh how I wish I’d not been forced to change school mid-year.  Other expatriates explain that friends coming and going is all part of the course, but it’s still difficult.

Blanche was so happy last week-end when we invited the children from her class (from the old school – although I think only one of them is actually still a student there) to celebrate her heart-themed birthday party.  Thank you big sister Anne for the party game ideas that went down very well.




A dream I dreamed

Shanghighs‘: Many of the children in Blanche’s new class (of 17 boys and 5 girls) have been really very welcoming and we’ve already had one play-date.  Another good thing about the new school is that Wednesday afternoons are free and so I took the kids to the MOCA museum where they enjoyed an exhibition called ‘A dream I dreamed’ by Yayoi Kusama before wandering around the ‘secret paths’ in the People’s Park (a large park in town).

I was offered the opportunity to work as a Speech Therapist for as many hours (or as few) as I wish per week but……

Shanglows‘: ….. there is a problem as I let my speech therapy license expire!  I’m in the process of finding a way to renew my British, Australian or French license.

As I was feeling completely psychologically drained this week (read ‘depressed’) I decided to try Traditional Chinese Medicine.  After taking a comprehensive case history, measuring my pulse on both wrists, observing the tongue etc.., the doctor prescribed herbs to be drunk daily in warm water.  It’s a ‘Shanglow’ because it tastes absolutely awful but I’m willing to give it a try.


Daily dose of Chinese Medicine. I have no idea what is in these little sachets but judging by the number the doctor must have thought I was a desperate case 🙂

Shangunusuals‘: I did a cooking class with a group called ‘Cookinshanghai’. The reason it is under this heading is that despite loving to learn new recipes, I didn’t actually enjoy the class very much.  There’s something about adding cornstarch, sugar, ‘chicken extract’, dark soy sauce to everything and cooking in a cup of oil that just doesn’t appeal to me.


Before photo


After photo – kungpao chicken, eggplant/aubergine and green beans and soup.


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