Back from the Philippines

We spent a week on perhaps one of the least developed islands of the Philippines – Palawan – in a small fishing village called Langogan.


After a squashy 2-hour bus ride from the airport we arrived in the fishing village which, apart from our 4-bedroom ‘hotel’, received no tourists at all. There we enjoyed :


Fishing with the locals followed by…..


… a picnic of freshly grilled fish on the beach!


… and some snorkeling.


And later in the week some hiking in the lush forest…


..where the Caabay family insisted that we join them for a cup of their home-grown, roasted and ground coffee which was delicious.  The locals were most welcoming.


Some canoeing among the mangrove trees.

Plus some coconut sipping on the beach, swinging in the hammock, collecting tamarind pods, planting mangrove trees, and seeing monkeys, huge lizards, a snake swallowing a frog, and hearing geckos sing.

This was all thanks to Claude (French-Canadian) and his wife Marichu (Filipino) and their team at Mangrove resort who cooked, guided, and even baby-sat for us during our stay.  The food was based on rice, pork and seafood and included: grilled fish, crab, adobo– pork stewed in vinegar and garlic, sinigang – sour tamarind soup, pinakbet – pumpkin, string beans, egplant, okra seasoned with garlic, onions, ginger, tomatoes and shrimp paste and, for dessert, lots of papaya.

We also met some very nice guests from all over the world while at the resort (including a few from Shanghai!).


Thank you Mangrove Resort.

Now we are back in Shanghai … where it is snowing!


3 comments on “Back from the Philippines

  1. Claude says:

    We miss you a lot… take care you’re a wonderfull family.

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