Recent happenings.

IMG_2812 I took the kids to the Urban Planning Exhibition on a recent school-free Wednesday afternoon. This exhibit was created for the World Expo in 2010 and painted a very glossy picture of Shanghai (propaganda?).  One floor displayed a miniature Shanghai which took up a great deal of space.


I also took them to an art workshop where they were free to select an activity … then be ‘guided’ just a little too much about what to do.  This is something that bugs me with the Chinese approach to teaching which seems to be a ‘do this’ approach rather than encouraging discovery and mistakes.


daughter + son = hao/good

This week I discovered why so many people have come up to me to point out that having one son and one daughter is ‘good’: If something is good, the Chinese describe it as 好 (hăo). The character for hao consists of 女 (nǚ) daughter and子 (zĭ) son.

This is a good example of language truly influencing thought.


Eating noodles and dumplings – at the same time!  Check-out the chopstick technique of our 3-year-old.


My wonton wrapping technique is getting better.


After visiting Shenshan mountain just outside of Shanghai we ate at a local restaurant in the Spring sunshine. We finally tasted toad – we think!

IMG_2813 IMG_2816Here’s my latest culinary discovery: custom made soup.  After choosing from a huge selection of vegetables, tofu, meat, quail eggs, noodles…and putting them in a basket they are all weighed and then boiled in a huge pot of stock before being ladled into a bowl and garnished with sesame paste, chili sauce….. It tasted better than it looked.  The MSG perhaps?

‘Shanghighs’:  Taking a yoga class again after a very long break.  Yoga is becoming incredibly popular over here.

‘Shanglows’: Rain, rain and more rain.

‘Shangunusuals’: We have met with 2 of Sebastien’s university class mates who are now living here in Shanghai as well as one friend from his home town who was passing through- such a small world!


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