Sneezy City

All of the beautiful Plane trees lining the streets of central Shanghai have been gradually shedding their seeds and causing trouble: widespread sneezing and itching eyes. My mother complained that she’d never sneezed so much but I don’t think that she regrets for a second her return visit to China. She enjoyed an exciting mix of reminiscing and discovering and dad enjoyed the ride.

Before my parents returned to Australia they were able to appreciate many things such as their grandchildren, tasty food, beautiful greenery and ……crowds: Their first real experience was in Qibao – a pretty water town dating back 1000 years (which sold numerous snacks such as chou doufu (stinky tofu) which lived up to it’s name)…..


Busy street in Qibao

…then again whilst waiting in the long queue to go up Oriental Pearl Tower to get a 360 degree view of Shanghai (where Antoine was quite reluctant to walk out onto the glass floor )


…and finally whilst driving to Moganshan on a public holiday (we were warned not to travel on national holidays and the 3-hour drive from Shanghai turned into a 5-hour one).  The drive was worth it for the novelty value of winding up a mountain road clearly constructed before cars were invented with drivers who clearly had limited experience (except for our driver Ben who we believe is the best driver in Shanghai). We were also able to enjoy the bamboo – walking through it by day and eating it by night (as May is the season to enjoy this delicious shoot)


Shanghigh‘: Watching both my parents and children blossom in each other’s presence.

Shanghlow‘: Munching on a chicken foot – which was… well… as good as it looks.


Shangunusual‘: For those of you who know my father, you’ll be amazed to see that he has got over his 50-year-refusal to eat pasta/noodles…..with chopsticks no less!




One comment on “Sneezy City

  1. Frank Barbaro says:

    Genial ! Merci pour ces news… Que Dubai est peu depaysante a cote ! Bises, Frank Date: Tue, 6 May 2014 13:55:58 +0000 To:

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