In China when a loved one dies it is common practice to burn paper representations of objects that the will be carried with them to the afterlife.
One of the traditional offerings to ancestors is paper made to look like bank notes  DSC_0768
so that the defunct won’t be strapped for cash.  You can even find ‘bank notes’ in different currencies!  For those relatives looking for  a gift with a more personal touch there seems to be plenty of options out there including houses, Yves Saint Laurent accessories and food:
Shanghighs‘: I was dreading last week – the second week of school vacation – without the grandparents nor husband around  but the weather and air quality were great (relatively!) and the kids and I had a wonderful time.  We went to the zoo, visited  local parks -including one with sand pit, went swimming and had a number of play dates.
Now I’m dreading a little this week as I launch back into some Speech Therapy after several years.
Shanghlows‘: Antoine falling from his scooter  with subsequent trip to the doctor (sound familiar?).  Unlike his sister, he didn’t damage his teeth, but his tongue.  Our driver Ben nearly fainted when he saw the deep gash. Apparently tongues repair themselves very quickly without any intervention and Antoine didn’t seem too upset when the doctor ‘prescribed’ ice cream (cold food) for 2 days…nor when Ben took photos of his tongue!
Shangunusuals‘: I’m house hunting again!  As much as I love this house, the neighbor below complains regularly and very aggressively about the kids running around (which we try to limit as much as possible).  All of the other neighbors have been incredibly supportive which is nice but it doesn’t solve our problem.

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