Old stuff


IMG_1642Around Shanghai there are a number of markets dedicated to selling artifacts from the distant past (or not so distant… as some/many? – can be modern fakes).IMG_1644IMG_1316

We found this huge warehouse of furniture and bric-a-brac in the middle of no-where. Unfortunately the owner was savvy and the prices were exorbitant. In any case, exporting relics from China can be a very complicated business with strict laws to follow.IMG_3116



You could always take one of these little figurines as a souvenir!





Shanghighs‘: Speaking of old stuff, thanks for the birthday wishes 😉

It’s official, I’ll be flying to Australia soon with the kids for 3 weeks.

Shanglows‘: June rain

Shangunusuals‘: Still on the theme of old stuff, while there is doesn’t appear to be a very clear official recycling program here nothing goes to waste: There are bicycles and electric scooters circulating around town with little loud speakers attached which are used to describe which items they are collecting (old computers etc..) People who have something to get rid can sell their goods for a nominal fee and everyone is happy.


One comment on “Old stuff

  1. Delphine says:

    Bonjour a tous les 4!
    J’ai toujours plaisir à avoir de vos nouvelles et je trouve ton blog vraiment genial! On y apprend plein de choses et en même temps, on suit une petit bout de votre vie sur place!
    Nico m’a dit que Sebastien venait en France mi juillet et si on est par là, ça pourrait etre l’occsion de se voir!
    Tout va bien chez nous; les vacances approchent vite pour Emma qui a reussi brillamment son année et qui intègre une classe “euro”, c’est a dire qu’elle étudiera plus l’anglais. Elle va rapidement me depasser dans la langue!!
    Pour nous les vacances, ce sera pour le mois d’aout,avec un peu de Bretagne et sicile après.
    Gros bisous

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