Fakes, Focus and Flies.

FAKES – In my last post I mentioned that fake antiques are common-place here. What I didn’t mention was the availability of modern-fakes. It is possible to buy practically everything here – both the real version, and a cheaper ‘copy’. Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Cartier… and Vitamix!  I’d been lusting after this powerful high-speed blender – otherwise know as the ‘Total Nutrition Center’ (pictured left) for years but the $7000rmb price tag made me gag.  Enter the ‘Tatol Nutrition Center’ (pictured right) which is admittedly less attractive in appearance, but at around 700rmb I couldn’t resist.


FOCUS – It’s the end of June already. At this time of year I am usually wondering/despairing about how much/little I’ve achieved of my  New Year’s Resolutions, but this year I haven’t even written any down.488374_424096594294367_742468717_n

SO finally I’ve resolved to focus on just one thing that I can control (theoretically) and which I believe will help with every facet of my being and that is TO SLOW DOWN. Living here should help me focus on this:

  • I talk too fast….. trying to speak more Mandarin will help with this.
  • eat too fast…….using chopsticks 100% should cure this one.
  • walk too fast…..so I’ll just start walking at the pace of a 4-year old on his way to school 😉

IMG_3570FLIES – Speaking of focus, Chairman Mao certainly had that. He focussed on some ‘interesting’ projects such as ‘The campaign against the ‘Four Pests’ which was initiated in 1958 as a hygiene campaign to exterminate mosquitoes, flies, rats, and sparrows.'(Wikipedia)  It turned out to be rather a disaster, especially due to the eradication of the sparrows – who were targeted as they supposedly ate too much of the rice crops. As it turned out, sparrows actually spent more time eating the bugs that devastate rice crops and ‘The Great Famine’ ensued. I’d heard about China having no flies and was pleasantly surprised to find that there are indeed very few….. but they are on their way back – as you can see in this fly-catcher which I spotted this week:

Shanghighs‘: After weeks of negotiation (literally) we have an apartment to move into at the end of July. Hooray!

Shanglows‘: Our son Antoine caught a ‘tummy bug’ this week and couldn’t go to school …. as is evident in this photo: IMG_3739Shangunusuals‘: Could this be the McDonald’s of China? IMG_3219


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