Where do people in Shanghai go to relax on Saturday?

In my last post I mentioned that we would be moving at the end of this month. As the new apartment is not fully furnished we headed out to IKEA on Saturday to take a look with -as it turned out – the rest of Shanghai; there were hoards of people:


…although most people seemed to be relaxing or standing at the queue in the IKEA restaurant…..



….or sleeping


Shanghighs‘: The highlight this week was a visit from my cousin Emma (right) and her friend Kate. I hadn’t seen my cousin for about 6 years and it was great to reconnect with her and get to know Kate. Here they are pictured proudly holding their antique tin. They negotiated very well at the antique market before carrying their tin around town. This tin attracted much attention with many people pointing to the characters at the bottom and looking surprised. Apparently it is a tin used by people to carry food during the early years of the People’s Republic of China around the 1950’s.


Shanglows‘:  IKEA on the week-end and Emma and Kate leaving one very sad little girl who LOVED playing cards with them (Thanks again guys for your patience!)

Shangunusuals‘: negotiating a price in one of the many markets here is a little less fun than in other countries. In Morocco for example, after tough negotiations for, say, a tagine pot, the vendor will shake hands, smile and invite you in for a mint tea. Here the vendors will hand you the goods, take the money and act as if you’ve insulted them.


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