Wanghouzou means walking backwards and it’s a common sight here in parks. Apparently performing wanghouzou conditions the knees and lower back, increases agility, improves posture, and helps maintain balance. You’re now tempted to try aren’t you?


Although they often do walk backwards, the kids didn’t risk arriving late to class and walked forward and fast to their respective schools… fast that both were the first to arrive and be greeted by their new teachers. I suppose after 2 whole months of vacation, they were happy to say goodbye to me! (…but not nearly as happy as I was to say goodbye to them….ha ha ha)

Here is Blanche (below) with one of her ‘copains’/boy friends.


As it turns out she has a few such friends. One admitted to me at the end of last year that he was ‘amoreux de Blanche’ (in love with Blanche) and just yesterday a mother whom I’d not met before said ‘Oh…you’re Blanche’s mother, I’ve been hearing about Blanche during the whole summer vacation!’ I don’t have the heart to break it to them that she already has a fiance in California.


After inspection by the school nurse Antoine places his little green (‘all clear’/not sick) tag into his name pocket by the classroom door.


You can see and feel the excitement here (my excuse for the blurry image!)


Antoine is in a class with a male teacher and all of his copains. He’s a happy boy.






‘Shanghighs’: Having some time to do yoga again

‘Shanglows’: Blanche has been questioning us about Father Christmas, The Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny…. is this the end of her childhood innocence and wonder???  She is thinking that if these characters DO exist, then they must be subcontracting … in order to be able to serve the entire world. Here is a copy of our response to her recent letter to Father Christmas:


IMG_4105‘Shangunusuals’: Here is a photo of a delivery in front of a restaurant … waiting patiently on the doorstep (note it IS still hot here). This kind of break in the refrigeration chain during transport is really not unusual here (it is common for street store owners to sell yogurt directly from the cardboard box that it was delivered in from the footpath). What is surprising is that I’ve not heard (first hand) of anyone actually suffering from food poisoning.



One comment on “Wanghouzou

  1. Charlotte Edwards says:

    Hi Jenni,

    I’m really enjoying following this blog. It’s so lovely to see pictures of the kids and read about your adventures around the world. You inspire me!

    Sending love from rural England 🙂
    Charlotte x

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