Christmas without the hype.

I mentioned in a previous post that Christmas decorations have been  everywhere in Shanghai since late October-November…………but that is as far as Christmas celebrations go here. Today as the kids and I explored another great Art Space and Sculpture Garden (Red Town) on our first day of Christmas vacation/holidays, I was asked by some mothers why the children weren’t in school.

IMG_5039Red Town turned-out to be a very child-friendly location with colorful statues, grass (all be-it dead), sticks and dirt. IMG_5162

We spent over 2-hours roaming around despite the cold.


Here the kids are sliding down huge metal fortune cookies. Incidentally, fortune cookies are not at all available here in China……being a recipe originally from Japan and then modernised in The United States.



Last week as I stepped out onto Renmin Lu/Road I noticed that the cranes on the top of world’s second highest tower had been removed. Shanghai Central Tower has been hailed as a symbol of ‘China’s boundless future’ (Daily Mail) and is due to open in the middle of 2015.


Height (occupied): 1,841ft / 561.3m

Height (to tip): 2,073ft / 632.0

128 floors above ground and 5 below.

After gazing at it for a while, I nipped into Yu Garden markets for the first time. This market consists of 5 floors of specialized stores each selling only one particular item: Christmas decorations, or embroidery kits or telephone accessories or drink bottles or buttons or wigs……………


IMG_5011IMG_5017These waving statues -known here as ‘Chinese lucky cats’ – are very often seen in stores and restaurants……..they originate …….. from Japan.



Shanghighs‘: The opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas full of connection, reflection, ….. and good digestion!

Shanglows‘: Not being with family (physically!) for Christmas.

Shangunusuals‘: Timeoutshanghai magazine featured some excerpts from books written on China written this year. Here are two:

– Age of Ambition (Evan Osnos) ‘Thirty years ago in China, daily life was controlled by the Communist Party. Your danwei, or work unit, had the final decision on where you lived, where you worked and whom you married. Mao Zedong ruled over millions of people in identical uniforms, an army taught to live, work, and die for the greater good”..Evan “Examines the birth of an era of aspiration and introduces the people who have jumped, in one generation, from worship of the collective to worship of the individual“.

– Myth-Busting China’s Numbers (Matthew Crabbe) “Just when you think you understand what is going on in China, you learn that everything has changed and you have to start learning all over again”.

So true!




One comment on “Christmas without the hype.

  1. Auna Salomé says:

    Happy Holidays Jenni! Sending you much Love!

    Auna Salomé Moorea

    ​Artist, Alchemist and Author of I Am Lady Saylor, The Heart Magick Maker​​! Teaching the Art of Heart Power’d Living + Mother Earth Loving. ​


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