Farewell 2014

School holidays continue and so does our exploration of art – this time we went back to M50 – which we visited about a year ago – which is a collection of little galleries of which we managed to visit a handful. The favorites were ‘Fat Mouse’ by Yu Honglei (probably because there we sun lounges to sit on whilst watching an animated film of famous art works flying across the screen)







…and Island6 gallery with amusing pieces such as metal origami birds dancing to music and this one:  ‘Seen and Heard and Felt the Words’ Liu Dao Art Collective:










….I’ll be trying this experiment of synesthesia this week.

And then I was recently re-aquainted with an Australian – whom I had met shortly after our arrival here in Shanghai – and she talked me into going with her and the kids to ‘Wells Jumping’. I was actually dreading this large space of 3 trampolines (and more!) but as I was allowed to jump, climb, kick and dance too (and as it was pretty empty as it was a ‘school day’), it turned out to be 3 hours of fun – and insured that the kids slept soundly on Christmas Eve.



This friend also gave us a great address for tree climbing as my daughter had been craving some suitable trees…and although I did feel a little awkward – being in the grounds of a fancy hotel (Okura Garden Hotel)-…..it was worth it for the smiles on the kid’s faces!



Tai chi is still practiced here BUT only by the older generation. The younger generation tend to scoff at it.









We celebrated Christmas with a morning swim, strawberry tart (yes strawberries – glass-house and no doubt chemical ridden- are in season now) and some other goodies and an afternoon stroll. Followed by lots of LEGO time.



Shanghighs‘: Our driver Ben made us a batch of shao-mai – which he assured us were much better than those sold in the street … and he was right. He can’t believe that the kids are STILL on vacation.


Steaming shaomai

Shanglows‘:  –  Farewell to Isabelle. I met Isabelle soon after our arrival and thought she was exceptional (friendly, intelligent, open-minded…). I was kicking myself at her farewell dinner this week that I’d not made more efforts to see her more often over the past 1.5-years. Seize the day!

Shangunusuals‘: Many people have said that 2014 was a tough one. I’d have to agree and am looking forward to a 2015 that teaches more gently (or that I learn more quickly with more serenity!)


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