Frog musings (no reference to the French!)

“Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”—Mark Twain

My fabulous long-distance teacher from my Health Coach studies at IIN – Kara Snyder ( – sent this in her newsletter the other day: “If you’ve forgotten your New Year Resolution, please know you aren’t alone. By the end of January the success rate of sticking to that resolution that you thought was so f#x-ing spectacular at the beginning of the year is down to a 55% success rate”. The frog concept could be a good way of boosting that success rate.

The ‘frog’ idea is that if you do the worst thing on your plate first thing in the morning, the rest of the day is a breeze – not that resolutions are ‘bad’ ……..but chances are they are a little bit challenging.


Incidentally – for Australian folk –  Mr Twain was not referring to our dear little friend Freddo Frog (pictured).

Right now I don’t have a few frogs …….. I have a whole pond of them!

Perhaps I need to experiment – the frogs could be ‘prepared’ differently, served in a different order or cut into bite-size pieces…… or blended!

Shanghighs‘: I discovered a number of inspiring quotes from Mark Twain.

It snowed for a few seconds this week.

Shanglows‘: It’s cold enough to snow.

Shangunusuals‘:  It is so ‘Shanghai’ to be in a mega modern city yet to still find numerous traditions still remain:

 Left: street brooms are still being made from branches by hand right on the side-walk.
Right: eels are hung out to dry on the street- possibly in preparation for New Year feasts.
I have been watching this policeman with interest each morning as I walk my son to school (I have plenty of time because the traffic lights change only every 4 minutes at this particular intersection). It is unusual to see any form of traffic control and he appeared about a week ago. His mission appears to be  to bring some sort of order to this busy cross road….and he has his hands full. Unlike the UK (where the drivers are perhaps the most courteous in the world), the Shanghai drivers, cyclists, people on scooters are incredibly self-righteous, impatient and out-right dangerous. Being a pedestrian here means being on constant alert: scooters on the sidewalk, cars zooming through red lights, motor-cyclists riding down one-way streets…the wrong way…..oh and dog poo.

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