A few last images

As I sit amongst cardboard cartons and the constant – and rather irritating – sound of packing tape being ripped, I am posting my last few images of Shanghai from this past week.


A little wedding


Depending on whether there is currently a bird-flu threat or not, it is possible to select live chickens from vendors such as this one who then prepares them on the spot.





Customized cars are not an uncommon sight.


A visit to the brand new Natural History Museum of Shanghai.


The end of year performance for which my daughter’s class (she is Blanche Neige/Snow White in the photo) had been rehearsing every Tuesday afternoon for the last 3 months.




My son’s end of year performance (he’s on the right).

Shanghighs‘: I’ll be seeing my Aussie friends and family before the week is out!

Shanglows‘: The last farewells…… and then my mum is still in hospital. Whilst she sounds better, they still don’t know what is causing her kidney difficulties.

Shangunusuals‘: In Australia (the USA and in France) if you need some fruits or vegetables you go to the local ‘Fruit and Veggie shop’. It’s interesting that in Shanghai the sale of fruit and vegetable are kept separate. There are stores for vegetables (and only vegetables) and others for fruits (which do nonetheless sell cucumbers and tomatoes….because…they are technically fruits).




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