Ready to grow….not to shrivel up


Since my last post, France has been thrown into great disarray: first the horrific attacks in Paris and then the popularity of the extreme right political party (The Front National) in the ensuing local elections just last week-end (it is only the first round of voting – in a series of 2 elections- but it is unsettling nonetheless). I could also mention that my beloved computer died or go into great detail about how many of our belongings (that had been in storage for two years) had been the source of a huge mold ‘contamination’ in our home – which took a full week to eradicate…..but I shan’t quibble.


My dear friend Juliette sent me this earlier this year.

In fact, this whole year has been one of great challenges for myself and so many of my friends and family members … I think many of us are quite looking forward to seeing some ‘light’ next year.

Emerson: “When it is darkest, men see the stars.”


_DSC1513 (1)

As I look over my resolutions for 2015 I notice that I’ve not been particularly triumphant. I’m going to persevere with writing-up some new (re-writing some old) resolutions – not just because it has become a family ritual – but because I think it helps the years slip a little slower through my fingers.

Stop and smell the flowers, hug a tree or two, watch the butterflies, gaze at the stars, stretch and BREATHE. (I think I’ll use some of these as my resolutions)

Here’s to a New Year….2016 (in case I don’t write another post this month): A year of growth!


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