I know it’s nearly spring when….

….daffodils and blossoms start to appear, when the days grow just a little longer and the clothes a little thinner, and  when I see dandelion leaves being sold at the market. The plant is known as ‘pissenlit’ in French which means ‘urinate/piss in bed’ ….due to its diuretic properties!


Dandelion leaves topped with fried lardon – and it’s rendered oil with a dash of added vinegar- and a poached egg.

I got excited when I saw dandelion being sold here in Challans (on the west coast of France) because it is more common to see it at the market on the northern or eastern borders and it’s generally only available for a few weeks of the year. The resulting dandelion salad that I made took me back in time and place to the town of Moiron – near Grenoble – where a lovely French girl named Annelise first made it for me about 17-18 years ago. I remember that she added walnut oil to her dressing (the walnuts from that region are famous across the country) but I didn’t have any left…….it was still very yummy.

I probably could and should just eat my ‘lawn’ (which indeed has more weeds than grass) but there are a few types of dandelion and those growing in my yard do not seem as fine as those being sold. If you do plan on trying to collect your own, apparently it is best to pick  the plants before they flower and to find those that are growing in shade – because they are whiter, more tender and have a better flavor than tough old green leaves.

Bon appetit











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