I don’t remember exactly when my kids started to enjoy toilet humour, but at the time I thought that it would be but a passing phase. At 9 and 7 years of age I can attest that it’s still going strong, and that I hear ‘caca’ (‘poo’) ‘pipi’ (‘wee’) ‘prout’ (‘fart’) ‘fesses’ (bottom) – amongst other words – on a pretty regular basis.

DSC_1853However,  recently when I glanced at the labels on the bottles of wine on the dinner table I have to admit that I was slightly amused by the toilet humour that they aroused in my mind: ‘Pisse’ and ‘Arse’ …. not exactly the classiest names for a fine beverage. The name ‘Arse’ could pass as inoffensive in the French language, but I don’t think that ‘piss/e’ is really the best marketing choice for either French or English speakers.DSC_1856

Obviously the labels didn’t prevent me from buying them! To be honest I didn’t pay too much attention to the labels but rather to the shape of the bottle.


By looking at a bottle of wine one can tell from which part of France it is from and more or less from which grape varieties it has been made, and thus the taste – although due to the French regulations about irrigating grape vines (or rather NOT irrigating them) the quality of the grapes, and thus the resulting wine, can vary greatly from year-to-year.

I would elect wines from the Bordeaux region as my favorite, perhaps that’s because I find them similar to a good ‘ol Australian red.

Speaking of elections, if any one has been following French politics recently you would be aware that we have a new (and very young) President. Compared with some other recently appointed heads of state around the world, I think he is pretty …..classy!


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