My Story

DSC_0759So you’re wondering who I am (if you’re not already a friend or family relative of mine!)

As my favorite saying is ‘Less is More’ I am going to try to be brief:

I am Australian born and at the age of 24 I moved to France to be with my boyfriend (now husband).  That was 18 years ago and we have since lived in England and California then China..and back to France again in 2015.  We have also enjoyed discovering different parts of the world Morocco,Italy, India, Thailand, Spain, Croatia, Turkey, Mexico……and the culinary delights they have to offer but must admit that since the arrival of our 2 children we have travelled considerably less and very differently.

I am a Speech Therapist but over the years I have collected a number of different skills including my Health Coaching certification via the Institute of Integrative Nutrition which I enjoyed a great deal.

I love everything related to food: discovering new ingredients (especially in local markets) and methods of preparation, creating recipes, flicking through recipe books, discussing it with any interested soul.

My favorite meal of the day would have to be breakfast and the name of the blog ‘Start with Intention’ relates to morning rituals – such as breakfast – because the way we start the day determines how the rest of the day will unfold.  For example, when I remember to start my day with some deep breaths and some quiet time I’m in a much better ‘place’ to receive the day.

Over the years I’d read numerous self-improvement/awareness books such as ‘Who Moved my Cheese’, ‘The Power of Now’, ‘The Art of Happiness’….. and I loved the concepts within but they remained mostly theoretical concepts to me until in 2012 I met  Auna Salomé ( a wonderful human being who helped me feel and put into practice these concepts.

The purpose of this blog was to help keep me centered on those things which are important to me regardless of circumstance -Initially  as our family embarked on a new adventure in China, and now as we (re-)integrate into the French culture.  My intention is to observe and be mindful of the the challenging moments that present themselves rather than be swept away by them.

ps. Avocados are my favorite food and this lovely bowl of fruit came directly from our avocado tree in Santa Barbara.


3 comments on “My Story

  1. I’ll add that you are a person amazing, full of positive energy, you really a culinary talent, it’s nice to converse with you and I hope to continue.
    Tu vas me manquer….

  2. Christelle says:

    J’ai un souvenir mémorable d’un guacamole fait maison avec des avocats de votre arbre… Mmmmmhhhhhh

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