La Vendee

I knew some facts about the French Revolution – such as that it began in 1789 – but I wasn’t aware that not all of the general population of France supported it. The Vendee – the region in which we are now living – ‘has a tragic and largely untold history: During the French Revolution, this region was a strongly Catholic, counter-revolutionary enclave. In 1794 the government sent soldiers from Paris to quell the peasants who had risen up to protect priests refusing to take an oath to the new constitution. Huge numbers of locals were massacred.’ The Guardian May 6th 2015

The history of the region was the original idea behind the development of the ‘Puy de Fou’ park that I mentioned in a previous post – so as to not forget the past.



The population of Vendee still appears to be a very independent and proud bunch – as the large assortment of local car stickers suggest (here is but a small selection from one day in a supermarket car-park)- and it remains a pretty religious enclave too (with the highest proportion of private/Catholic schools versus public schools in the whole of France).

Yesterday we were at the Prefecture of Vendee and we finally signed the paper-work for my request for French nationality. In about 12-months time I may just receive my dual citizenship, but I don’t think that I will ever be permitted to call myself ‘Vendeenne’.

Actually the success of my citizenship request is contingent on ‘passing’ a surprise police check in the coming months……think  American Immigration Service scene from the movie ‘Green Card’ starring Gerard Depardieu and Andie MacDowell. Perhaps I should swat-up on my husband’s likes and dislikes haha  😉